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  Marilyn Raffaele has been a student of mysticism ​for over 40 years.  Her main focus of study through those years has been the Infinite Way material of Joel S Goldsmith, a western mystic.  

  She has studied and worked with Quantum Touch, Sacred Rays, Circle of Grace (level II), the Sacred Teachings of the Mystery Schools (Adept I & II, Teacher), Ancient Art of Divine Grace, Flowing Liquid Light (level III), signature Cell Healing (level II), and is a Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master.  

  Marilyn's focus at this time is one on one spiritual instruction and guidance through personal channeled readings.  

  Marilyn has a website: on which she publishes channeled messages from the Arcturian Group.  

​  Please call to set up an appointment

ROBERT STEVENS   Psychic Spiritual Consultant

  Robert has had the lifelong ability to see and hear those from other dimensions.  He utilizes this psychic ability to contact your spirit guides, help you connect to loved ones who have passed on, understand the next step in your spiritual journey, release old belief systems, and understand past life issues that may be causing problems in this lifetime.  Available Wednesdays. Other days by special appt. and for phone readings.



TRACEY SIVEK, Intuitive Channel, Medium, Reiki Master, Paranormal Investigator

  Tracey uses her abilities as a psychic intuitive to connect to your Higher Self and assist you with questions or difficulties you are experiencing from life's challenges.  She is a skilled medium and can contact loved ones who have crossed over, providing peace, closure, and healing.  Tracey is also able to take you through Past Life Exploration, finding answers and tools from another life experience that will benefit your present journey.  She is a Reiki Master and teacher, offering personal energy sessions for healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Available Saturdays and other days by special appt.  



SHERRY LORD  Psychic Channel, Energy Healer

  Sherry visits Evolve several times a year.  Call for schedule or sign up to receive our e-mails.

  Sherry can see Angels, Guides, and auras.  She draws from her unique and versatile spiritual abilities to help people, through Guidance, in all areas of your life, personal and business.  She also provides mediumship, channeling loved ones who have crossed over.  

  Sherry is the Founder of the Flowing Liquid Light Healing Modality, a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Ordained Reverend.  She travels extensively, offering classes, seminars, readings, and healing sessions.  



EVA TYTAR  Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

  Experience the pure tones of peace as Eva intuitively plays her collection of antique singing bowls, handmade by Tibetan monks and infused with many prayers and blessings.

  These exquisite bowls create sound harmonics that induce Alpha and Theta states of consciousness for deep relaxation and assistance in healing at all levels.  Private and group sessions available.  

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