​​Linda Alice Dewey Medium, Channel, and Spiritual Teacher, offers "Conversations with the Consortium".  Private sessions with a network of guides, teachers, and high level beings who speak as One through Linda.  By special appointment.

 Robert Stevens:  Psychic Spiritual Consultant, returns for the season --Wednesdays 1-5pm 

    Tracey Sivek:  Psychic Medium, Spiritual    Counselor, Reiki Master,Energy Healer --    Saturdays 12-5pm

"Let go of the past, find peace, and embrace the freedom of living from your authentic Self!​"  

Awaken and inspire the uniquely Divine Spirit that is You!  

       Discover the Truth of your whole, healed and perfect Self.  

             Explore the magnificent realms of illuminated beauty and magic that exist within.  

                   Expand the gifts of your Shining Soul that bring joy to your life and offer Light to the world.  


Plan to attend a special  group session for insight, inspiration, and fun!

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A sampling of treasures for you to discover at Evolve!

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    So many beautiful gifts to choose from here at Evolve that will bring inspiration, beauty, and delight to friends and family!

    Crystals, statuary, bells and chimes, wall decor, candles, oils, and incense to enhance the positive vibration of your environment.

   Sterling silver and semi precious stone jewelry.

   Books, journals, greeting cards, CDs, and tarot/oracle card decks.

   Wildlife apparel and gifts for nature lovers!

   Puzzles, games, and childrens gifts.

   And so much more!  


 ​Get acquainted with the heart -centered intuitives who offer readings, energy healing, and classes at Evolve.

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Books and Gifts to Enhance Your Life Journey

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